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我们设计得美, functional places by solving architectural challenges with compassion, 协作, 和创造力.



Established in 1989, we continue our passion for architecture & the communities we serve.


Office locations in communities we call “home”.


Individual feasibility studies, renovations, & adaptive reuse projects.


We are capable of right-sizing our services to the scale of the project & 客户的需求.

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Community based award recognition for a variety of project types.



Cornerstone Architects has office locations in both Grand Rapids and Traverse City, Michigan and has been providing services to clients throughout the midwestern United States since 1989.

With an extensive and diverse portfolio that ranges in size, 范围, 项目类型, we have the experience to guide our clients through the architectural process successfully. 客户服务, 协作, and responsiveness are of utmost priority. Our commitment and passion for what we do shows in our work, 但更重要的是, 在我们的关系中.











  • 教育

    Due to the increasing number of studies of how individuals learn, the design of learning spaces has changed throughout recent history and has been emphasized by the recent Covid-19 pandemic. We are keeping up with these studies and we work with school administrators, 老师, and communities to design learning spaces that provide an increased opportunity for gaining knowledge for all subject matters and types of learners.

    See selected 教育 Projects.

  • 365平台娱乐

    The design of corporate spaces is varied among companies and is continually evolving. We work with company leaders, 部门主管, and employees to develop a strategy that works best for their business model while also keeping in mind flexibility for future expansion.

    See selected 365平台娱乐 Projects.

  • 热情好客

    We have been successful in creating hospitality establishments that are distinctive and serviceable. We work with owners to define the exterior and interior atmosphere that is desired and provide an end result that properly represents the concepts and themes.

    See selected 热情好客 Projects.

  • Multi-Unit Residential

    With experience on a range of projects within the multi-unit sector, we have had the pleasure of working on: high-end, 中档, and affordable housing, as well as student housing dormitories, 小镇上的房子, 以及复合式. Our process includes space planning appropriately for the housing model, we recommend the installation of durable, cost-effective materials, 固定装置, and appliances and we will select furnishings that make the project more than just a residence. 它变成了一个家.

    See selected Multi-Unit Housing Projects.

  • 艺术 & 文化

    Our experience includes creating spaces for small and large performances, 艺术画廊, and church congregations. These range from low tech spaces all the way up to highly technical performance auditoriums where architecture is not the only consideration. Exceptionally detailed acoustics and technology integration are often of utmost importance and must be integrated with the architecture in a seamless manner.

    参见艺术选集 & 文化项目.

  • 市政

    Together with state and local governments, we have worked to provide environments within a broad spectrum of building uses. This includes spaces such as city halls, 消防局, 乡大厅, 政府办公室, government-funded health services, 社区中心, 和更多的. 在其他行业, we have also provided our services to public buildings such as libraries, 艺术博物馆, and children's museums.

    See selected 市政 Projects.


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A mutual sharing of ideas and expectations between our clients and our team members leads to successful results. 客户服务, 协作, and responsiveness have created a repeat client base that spans over two decades. 出于这个原因, we are passionate about maintaining positive working relationships during the entirety of the project and long after construction has completed.

“Cornerstone has met and exceeded our expectations. Cornerstone provides more than just architectural services; they are truly partners that add value to the process.”

— Interlochen Center for the 艺术

“The design of our office has enhanced our productivity and provides us with the space that allows the creativity to flow while maintaining a professional work environment.”

——兰伯特·爱德华兹 & 的同事

“Cornerstone Architects utilizes a ‘diplomatic’ demeanor while working with a

diversity of people, political climates, and [their] projects [have] been of great

benefit to the 大急流城.”

历史 Preservation Commission


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